English Roundhand  (Copperplate)
Gothic Blackletter
Personal Script
English Roundhand (Copperplate)
Lettering for a letter heading and business card
Italic Handwriting
English Roundhand (also known as Copperplate)


Whisky label
Gothic Blackletter
Uncial Variation
An elaborate Cadel, text in a form of Uncial and Roundhand (Copperplate)
David Steel Scroll
Bastarda Espanola


Text in Copperplate (upper) and Spencerian (lower)
Light Italic
Pianists written in Uncial Script
Copperplate as Needle Stitch Script
"A" from a design by Byron MacDonald and text in a form of Uncial Script
Gothic Blackletter
Formal Italic
Madarasz Script
An exercise in Coloured Roundhand  (Copperplate)


Copperplate & Spencerian
Rustic Script devised by James Hayes
Royal Address

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